Amazing Athletes

“Teaching Children Life-Skills Through Sports”

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Amazing Athletes

"We use sports as a catalyst to provide a program that meets the needs of the whole child's development - physically, emotionally, mentally, and socially."

The Program:

Amazing Athletes provides a year-round, structured curriculum that introduces children to 9 different ball sports and helps them to master 7 key areas of motor-development.

Our program is taught in a non-competitive, learning-based environment. We work with each child at their own progression level to ensure they are able to reach their highest potential.

The Class:

Each class focuses on two different sports and one area of motor-development. Also incorporated into each class are activities designed to improve the young child's hand-eye coordination, muscle tone, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, nutrition and more.

Classes are held once a week, four times per month.

The Goals:

  • Build their confidence. We incorporate the 7 key areas of motor-development to make sure that every child is comfortable moving in their own body. This gives them greater confidence to try new things in the future.
  • Set kids on a path to an active life-style. By introducing kids to a variety of sports and physical activities we have a greater chance of finding a few things they like. This gives them active options that they can pursue as they grow.

Training & Support

4 Day Training in Carlsbad, California USA

  • Complete System Overview
  • Franchise Management Guidelines
  • Sales and Marketing Techniques
  • Technology Overview and Website Instruction
  • Hands-On Curricula Training
  • In-the-field observation and assisted coaching

Unique Business Proposition

  • Home-Based Business
  • No Experience Necessary
  • Low Start-Up and Overhead
  • Proven Business Model
  • Comprehensive Training
  • On-Going Support
  • Protected Territories
  • Flat-Rate Royalties
  • Great Support TEAM!
  • Monthly Conference Calls
  • Biennial National Conference
  • Individual Customizable Web Page
  • In-House Graphic Design
  • Personal Corporate Contact
  • Business Needs Discounts

Investor Profile
UAE, Singapore, UK, Europe, Australia are just a few but we are open to ideas and opportunities.

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  • USA - (71)


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