“It is not only delicious, it is a superfood and super healthy!”

Country of Origin:


Delivering a quick natural, nutritious and delicious experience.

OAKBERRY AÇAÍ BOWLS started in São Paulo / Brazil in 2016 and it is a company thought to supply an unmet demand in the healthy food market. Not everyone has enough time to eat energetically and healthily. Açaí fruit is a true natural energetic. You can call it Superfood, we agree!

Training & Support

  • Operation and Product Training Programs
  • Assistance in Site Selection and 3D Design / Engineering Documents
  • Store Opening Support
  • Marketing Promotional Guidance Support
  • Free Art Work flyers, social media advertising for events promotions
  • Continuing support services

Business Formats

  • Kiosks
  • Food Courts
  • Stores
  • Food and Beverage kiosks and stores

Unique Business Proposition

  • 100% Natural Acai and always fresh
  • Does not contain: Agrochemicals, Dyes, Trans Fat and Cholesterol
  • Acai fruit is a true natural energetic and natural source of Antioxidants, Fibers, Iron, Omega 6 and 9 and Vitamin C
  • Oakberry is a leader in sales of products in the region - selling over 180 tons of Acai per month
  • Affordable level of Investment to set up the store
  • Design of the store created by famous Brazilian Architect and Designer- Joao Armentano
  • Break even point in less than 12 months

Investor Profile

  • Financial stability and capacity to expand
  • Proven track record business
  • Very good understanding of local target market
  • Dedicated and experienced team to manage the brand
  • Access to Prime Real Estate Location

Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • Brazil - (123)
  • USA - (3)
  • Australia - (1)


  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Bahrain
  • Azerbaijan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Egypt
  • Tunisia
  • Northern Africa
  • Canada