Wheeler's of St James's, Oyster Bar & Grill Room

“The oldest fish brand in the world serving good food...”

Country of Origin:

Wheeler's of St James's, Oyster Bar & Grill Room

The original Wheeler's brand was established in 1856 and is credited as being the 'world's oldest and finest fish brand'.

Marco Pierre White has now given this long-established institution a new lease of life, by re-working the classic seafood recipes into something today's discerning diners are looking for.

Training & Support:


  • A team of experts on hand who will guide you every step of the way, providing pre-opening support with design and development, sales and marketing, finance, procurement, menu development, operations and training
  • Access to an online portal containing brand guidelines, standard operating procedures, food and drink specification manuals, sales and marketing tools and financial reports
  • Structured training plans: FOH & BOH
  • Provision of an online training platform, training app and brand specific training manuals to enable training support 24/7
  • A comprehensive and robust pre-opening training programme consisting of offsite and onsite training for BOH and FOH teams
  • Onsite training for FOH and BOH teams off site brand training for senior chefs and managers.


  • Annual training calendar and ongoing monthly training programmes for development support
  • Bitesized training tools provided to drive standards and sales
  • Ongoing brand, supplier and product training workshops
  • Ongoing management development workshops and training modules
  • Ongoing operational support, regular visits, mystery diner reports and audits
  • Sales, Marketing and Social Media support
  • Guest feedback platform

Unique Business Proposition

  • As a business you will benefit from great brand recognition and the publicity it will bring by being associated with one of the world's greatest chefs
  • Association with the original Wheeler's brand which was established in 1856 and is credited as being the 'world's oldest and finest fish brand'.
  • Marco Pierre White has personally re-worked the classic seafood recipes of the original Wheeler's into something today's restaurant goers are looking for.
  • A menu inspired by its heritage there is also a wide range of meat dishes ensuring there is something for everybody.
  • Link to an illustrious list of Wheeler's customers including Walt Disney, where it is said that he came up with the idea for the dancing oysters.
  • The menu maintains a deference to Wheelers's history but has been evolved into something today's discerning restaurant goers want from an elegant lunch or dinner.
  • At its core is the principle to serve good food that's accompanied with fine wine in the company of great friends.
  • Perfect for business professionals to meet over lunch, or for an elegant night out with friends or family, this dining experience is one your customers will want to try again and again.

Investor Profile
Hotel owners and leisure property owners looking to enhance their food offering.

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