Reis & Irvy's

“Soft Serve Vending Robot”

Country of Origin:

Reis & Irvy's

With 300+ franchises purchasing over 1400 robots, Reis & Irvy's is without a doubt, the most entertaining way to get a frozen yogurt or ice cream! Through licensed, advanced technology and interactive touch screens, our robots offer customers an advanced point of sale vending experience, enhanced and presented through multi-sensory journey of fun and entertainment.

Training & Support:

Our San Diego based team is dedicated to fully supporting our franchisees to make their business successful, offering securement of high-traffic locations, on-site training and marketing and franchise support.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Unattended Retail
  • Kiosk Operates 24/7
  • No Employees Necessary
  • Fully Patented and Exclusive Technology

Investor Profile
Minimum investment 500k USD. Sales / Marketing / Operations background.

Operational/Signed (Outlets)

  • USA - (349)
  • Canada - (15)
  • Australia - (2)


  • UAE
  • GCC
  • Europe